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Middle-Eastern Ramadhan at Kempinski


Middle-eastern Ramadan at Signatures Restaurant The festive tradition of Ramadan in Indonesia is celebrated at Signatures Restaurant in Hotel Indonesia Kempinski by decorating the interior with Middle-Eastern-themed elements. In addition, the restaurant is also presenting authentic dishes such as cold mezzeh, samosas, falafel, shawarma and lamb...

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Pulau Zum Zum Morotai Indonesia

Pulau zumzum by

Pulau Zum Zum Island is an island with a high historical value. Located just 3 miles from Daruba, the administrative center of Morotai. General Douglas Mac Arthur, leader of the allied forces in the Asia Pacific region during World War II had lived there. Approximately 25...

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Pulau Kei Maluku Tenggara

The most accessible part of southern Maluku, the Kei Islands are rapidly regaining their reputation as the place to go to look for perfect, unspoilt beaches. Inhabitants called the islands Nuhu Evav (Evav Islands) or Tanat Evav (Evav Land), but known as Kei for people from...

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