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Dogs In Wonderland Living World Tangerang

AcaraDoggy dan Living World Mall akan mengadakan event terbesar di Tangerang sepanjang sejarah, pada tanggal 20 – 22 Mei 2016. Bazaar ini dipadukan dengan berbagai macam binatang peliharaan, bukan hanya binatang kaki empat seperti biasanya.

Setelah suksesnya Jingle Dogs 2014 yang mengambil momen Natal, Dogs Day Out 2015 pada liburan musim panas kemarin, dan Dog’s Halloween Party (DHP) 2015 pada tanggal 23-25 Oktober 2015 kemarin, dan rangkaian acara lainnya, kali ini kami akan membuat Tangerang menjadi kota yang dipenuhi berbagai binatang, bekerja sama dengan Living World Mall.

Dogs In Wonderland

Dogs In Wonderland

We are currently serving a rapid growing dog-loving community in Jakarta and Indonesia. It’s not just a trend. It’s a lifestyle. A love expression. It’s the first humane and passionate response to non- human species called DOGS. This May we are approaching the second momentum event of the year, called :

“DOGS in Wonderland”. There will be the hybrid pop-up market just like always, another combination between Human and Dogs, with the great additional touch from cats, bunnies, and other pets. Yes, the dogs will be happily inviting their fellas from the other species to enjoy the Wonderland. This also means more communities to come, more tenants to meet new market, and of course, more fun!

Event Details

Name : Dogs in Wonderland
Location : Main Lobby Living World Mall
Date : May 20th – 22th , 2016
Duration : 3 (three) days
Tenants : 40 tenants
Main : Bazaar, Performance,Competitions
Entrance Fee : FREE

Main Activities

1. EGG HUNTING (for Dogs)
Let’s see if our pawdies (dogs) can sniff ‘the treasures’ well

2. CARDS KINGDOM (for Human)
This classic contest should be fun for all ages

3. EGG DRAWING (For Kids)
Creativity is intelligence having fun

4. WONDERLAND RUNWAY (Dogs and Friends Performance)
Humans will stare. Make it worth their while!

Give the little ones a chance and they will show you a change!

6. THE WONDER SHOW (Fashion Show Competition)
This is a must. Every Dogs need their costume!

Eating competition never gets old, does it?

7. THE ACT OF WONDER (Magic Show)
Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it

8. MAGIC PARK (Photo Booth)
No one is too old for magic. No kid is too bored for the playground

Contact :
SPONSORSHIP : JEANE (08777 61 601 67)
TENANTS : JOVITA (0857 4132 7574)
MEDIA & TALENTS : JOCELYN (0898 9212 358)


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